A leader, executor, influencer & great communicator, with a warm spirit...


“Greatness is born of VISION; of seeing the invisible and making it a REALITY"

Meet Ezinne

Ezinne Kwubiri, also known as Ezi, is a professional with over 10 years experience in managing change, projects, productions, and people. From the boardroom to a posh celebration; Ezinne knows how to execute with class. A respected leader in her industry and amongst her peers, Ezinne is diligent, ambitious, fearless, and intelligent. 

A proud graduate from the prestigious Howard University School of Business, Ezinne is no stranger to hard work and dedication. As an immigrant of Nigeria, Ezinne was once a shy big-eyed girl that was good in math, liked working in student government, had a passion for working with others, promoting equality & inclusion, and of course music! 

After retiring from the Financial Services industry, Ezinne set her sights to the Media/ Entertainment industry – as a Production Auditor at MTV Networks! Her role has since evolved during her 10-year tenure at the media powerhouse. She now serves as the Director of Global Business Services – Change Management, where she leads and manages strategies for people development - training, communication, and business cultural development. 

Ezinne’s professional career coupled with her passion for project execution and traveling led to her working for various projects across the globe. Leading projects in major cities such as New York, DC, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Milan, and Amsterdam, has provided her with a vast portfolio and knowledge, managing different cultures and business requirements. 

When Ezi’s not working, you can catch her exploring new opportunities that combine these passions as well as event execution, personal development and philanthropy. Recently named Forty under 40 by The Network Journal and various features in publications such as Black Enterprise and Essence magazine, her messaging about leadership, self-care, her unique career path, and women’s empowerment, aligns with her commitment to giving back to her community. 

Ezi remains committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism, excellence, and a calm environment in all her endeavors. Combining her talents and passions to help change the world is the most rewarding achievement to her. 

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Email: info@just-ezi.com