Solutions driven, diversity and inclusion corporate professional, striving for equality of the underrepresented population and standing for empowerment of all. 

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Change Management/ Diversity & Inclusion 

Change in any business, organization or in your personal life is challenging. Managing through the steps of that change is critical in the adoption/ embracing change; to minimize risk. A workplace that represents a diverse & inclusive environment, has proven to be one that positively impacts a business/ organization's bottom line. Learn about change management & diversity & inclusion strategies to achieve the bottom line. 

Women in the Workplace 

Women still represent a minority percentage in executive roles in Corporate America. It is imperative that women are given equal opportunity, access and pay like their male counterpart. Learn the importance of self empowerment, knowing your worth & being an alley to others. 

Career Transition/ Mentorship 

The transition from college to workplace isn't easy. Neither is the transition from one career path to another. Learn to navigate through different industries, find mentors & sponsors, negotiate salaries, and capitalized on various opportunities. 

Community Involvement/ Board Service 

"For whom much is given, much is required". As I advance in my career, it is essential to continue to connect with untapped communities. My experience on nonprofit boards, mentoring young women, and volunteering hands-on with community projects is a part of my DNA.

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Speaking engagements

Previous events

MTV's The BEAT University: Lunch & Learn Series

MTV office, New York, NY

Come explore the journey of Viacom veteran, Ezinne Kwubiri, Director of Global Business Services - Change Management.

Ezinne travels internationally on behalf of Viacom's brands and divisions leveraging her passions of media, people and project management. Ezinne leads and manages strategies for training, communication and business process development.

StraightTalk: Pro Discussion

Winston-Salem State University, Winston-Salem, NC

Join Ezinne Kwubiri as she talks about climbing the corporate ladder at top tier media company!


NYU Leading Global Organizations - Managing Global Orgs

London, United Kingdom

Speaking engagement: Panel discussion with Communication, Organizational Development, and Human Resource professionals. Discussing the challenges of managing a global organization.

Miss Nigeria USA 2015: Beyond the Crown: Women's Empowerment Workshop

New York, NY

Speaking engagement: Workshop on women's empowerment and maintaining your platform after the pageant.